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Design as a tool of communication and participation
Our work is not a result of pre-existing ideas and resolutions applied to each situation.
The proposed solution to implement has to be different every time,
entirely dependent on the oddity of specific issues.
We want the residents to be communicants, in every little detail of constructions,
which is of their concern and which will be their environment.
Limitless time needs to be spent for the inventive use of supervisory devices-tools,
which aim for the full development of their substantial participation.
Participation requires the institutionalization of rules that establish relationships,
relationships of absolute clarity, transparency and honesty.
The project calls for mutual trust, at all levels, with everyone involved.
This trust is only ensured, by abiding scrupulously a strict process-routine.
The design is the vehicle that forms and keeps the journey, from concept to practice,
from the image to the construction, from the technological complexity to abstraction,
from nakedness to clothing, from the thought to the body, from having to being,
from everywhere and always to here and now, from the vision to the look that cannot be fooled;
from the solitude of the musician to the warmth of the orchestra, finally, from the world to chaos.
The truth is fortunately concrete.